Everman Garden Club

The Everman Garden Club graciously donated their time on May, 8, 2009 and planted some beautiful Knock-Out Roses, Chinese Fringe Flowers, Burgundy Cotton Crapemyrtles and more outside of Everman City Hall as well as the City Hall Annex. We all appreciate their donation and would like to thank them for making our great city just a little bit prettier. Thank you ladies!



Knock-Out Roses


Everman City Hall Flower Bed

Everman Garden Club Members
City Hall Flower Bed

Garden Club Members

Delreatha Randel, Sue Kelley, Fadra Jones, Betty Mars, Betty Meininger, Beverly Booker, Beverly Nabors, Patsy Malone and Judy Greeson.


Planting a Tree at the Everman Police Department!


Finished Product!






City Manager Donna Anderson

Donna Anderson and the Flowers from the Everman Garden Club in recognition of National Garden Week.